About me

Kathrin Kalinowska

Katarzyna Kalinowska

MA in German Studies
Lector of German and Polish languages, certified translator of German language.

I was born in Wroclaw, Poland, where I started my schooling. When 10 years old I have moved together with my family to Berlin where I continued my education at a German school. After completing A-levels, I moved back to Poland and I did MA in German Studies at University of Wroclaw. After completion of the Masters Degree in 1987 I started my own company offering certified translation. In 2005 I moved to Darmstadt, where I workined in a language school – Berlitz, where I taught German and Polish. In 2007 I started teaching German to international students at Hochschule Darmstadt.

During this time I also worked for Studienkolleg Darmstadt, where I prepared forgeign students for studying in Germany. Currently work in the headquaters of an international pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA in Darmastadt where I teach German the newly relocated employees. I also work for Lufthansa Deutschland where I teach German to Japanese and Chineese flight attendants.

As your lector of polish or German, I can offer you dynamic, fun and effective teaching built on 11 years of experience.

I look forward to teaching you!